A stand out doughnut shop in the saturated social media food scene

5 minute read The Doughnut Project in New York City’s West Village has a success story built on its dedication to creativity and innovation.

From Law to Doughnuts: Pursuing Your Passion with Leslie Polizzotto

18 minute read To listen to this episode on Spotify, click here. To read more about how Leslie made her business standout, read the blog post here. Leslie (00:00): I got a part-time job while I was a senior in high school at this construction management firm as a file clerk. And when I graduated, they offered me… Continue reading From Law to Doughnuts: Pursuing Your Passion with Leslie Polizzotto

Networking doesn’t have to be dirty

3 minute read Tips and tricks to networking without being transactional.

Deciding between a startup and an established company for your first job post-grad

5 minute read Thinking of working at a startup? Here are some factors to consider.

Forming connections as a new grad

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

5 minute read As we continue to adapt to the nuances of remote work, check out the tips below on how to creatively & intentionally expand your virtual social circle

The future of American education

Photo courtesy of Unsplash

7 minute read As students begin to re-enter classrooms and conversations about education reform, in the wake of a harrowing yet powerful year, come to a head, many have begun to realize that education’s future is one worth fighting for.

Antonia Hellman: Reimagining the virtual social experience

24 minute read Have Zoom Fatigue? So did recent Stanford grad Antonia Hellman. Listen to her journey bringing community into video calls with her social-first video platform, Toucan, and learn how she built a business from the ground up as a young entrepreneur.

Olivia Harries: Reimagining our food system

20 minute read Olivia Harries leads product development strategy at Imperfect Foods & is focused on eliminating food waste while still emphasizing on the importance of innovation & empowerment in the food retail space.

Jennifer McGlone: Reimagining access to legal representation

28 minute read We often associate lawyers with the rich and the powerful — because that’s who can afford them. Jennifer McGlone is on a mission to change that. Tune in to hear how her company, Law Champs, is democratizing access to the judicial system.

Erin Carpenter: Reimagining skin tone inclusivity

24 minute read Now worn by celebrities like Serena Williams, Wendy Williams and Whitney Wolfe Herd, Nude Barre aims to create an inclusive hosiery line for all skin tones. Hear about Erin’s long road to success, and the science project that started it all.