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Erin Carpenter: Reimagining skin tone inclusivity

24 minute read Now worn by celebrities like Serena Williams, Wendy Williams and Whitney Wolfe Herd, Nude Barre aims to create an inclusive hosiery line for all skin tones. Hear about Erin’s long road to success, and the science project that started it all.

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Jenny Brown: Reimagining what makes us remarkable

25 minute read “It’s not bragging if it’s based on facts.” Google’s #IAmRemarkable changed our lives, so we brought our workshop facilitator on the pod to discuss how women can overcome modesty norms and advocate for themselves in the workplace.

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Maxine Koven: Reimagining the VC investment approach

22 minute read Hear: Investing; think: Wolf of Wall Street? Not the case. Maxine Koven believes in intentional investing, and was an early investor in companies like Sweet Green and Thrive Market. Tune in to hear about her non-traditional career path (spoiler alert: her degree wasn’t remotely related to finance).

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Anjana, Epsa & Sydney: Reimagining us

9 minute read Get to know your 3 co-hosts, Anjana, Epsa & Sydney. After 11 episodes, your hosts decided now was a good time to dive into their quarantine friendship, the why behind the podcast, and their favorite parts about hosting.

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Shanice Watts: Reimagining healthcare as a PA

17 minute read Shanice, current PA student at Stanford Medical school shares the ups & downs of her PA school journey as an African American woman & discusses the importance of minority representation in the medical field.

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Meg Honey: Reimagining the future of education

21 minute read Did what we learn in K-12 classes prepare us for the discussions we’re having today? What do we know about Black history, or Asian or LGBTQIA+ history? Meet the woman who’s reimagining what students learn in classrooms.

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Kassidy Tran: Reimagining the gap year

18 minute read If you’re wondering what you should do post-grad, this is your sign to take a gap year. Kassidy chats about her choice to travel Southeast Asia and work in Australia for a year after graduating in 2019.

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