Vrinda Gupta: Reimagining credit cards for women

22 minute read If you know next to nothing about how credit works, you’re not the only one — because credit cards (like a lot of things) weren’t made with women in mind. This entrepreneur is out to change that. Hear her story and tips to get into the 800+ club.

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Amanda Castillo: Reimagining the impact of social media

19 minute read In a world of filters, weight loss teas and Logan Pauls, the word “influencer” doesn’t always have a positive connotation. But here’s how Amanda Castillo (@itsamandaceleste) built her 22k+ following by being herself and promoting products she believes in.

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Courtney Jacobson: Reimagining your path to the MBA

15 minute read You’re thinking of applying to grad school — tbh, who hasn’t at least once in the last year? Courtney, a JD/MBA candidate at Wharton, walks us through deciding to attend grad school and how to make your app stand out. Also, does that C you got on freshman year Calculus matter?

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Brianna Reynolds: Reimagining your personal brand

20 minute read You’ve probably gotten the advice to “Build your personal brand” at least once on LinkedIn. But before you go and design business cards or create a website, listen to what Bri — a Brand Specialist at Adobe — has to say.

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